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Who We Are

SystematicReviewPro.com is a professional literature review writing service. Our services range from writing traditional literature reviews to systematic reviews. The purpose of our organisation is to connect Customers to Writers. Therefore, part of the Customer’s payment goes to the Writer. The role of our Support Team is to ensure that the Customer is connected to a Writer that can meet the Customer’s requirements, including job description, turnaround time, and financial plan. In this terms and conditions statement, the use of “we,” “our,” and “this site” all refer to SystematicReviewPro.com.

How it Works

SystematicReviewPro.com gives the content provided on this website (herein also referred to as “us,” “our,” and “this site”), which is a registered company, 44 King’s Road, London SW3 4UD, United Kingdom, duly registered under the law of the United Kingdom.

By utilising this site, placing an order, and making any financial commitments, we assume that you have read and accepted our terms and conditions. If you do not agree with the terms and conditions, do not utilise this site and the services provided thereon.

Our Writers are educational research consultants in various disciplines and subjects and can apply for an account. A Writer must undergo a series of tests and audits before being accepted to outsource writing jobs from this site. The specific procedures for recruiting writers are the sole responsibility of our Human Resources Department. When we approve a Writer’s account, he or she becomes part of our community and has a right to access jobs suitable to him or her in terms of area of speciality, subject, discipline, and deadline. Once a customer’s order is assigned to a suitable Writer, the Writer must work on the order or project and deliver it within the stipulated deadlines. Failure to do so can lead to fines, temporary suspension, or even permanent account termination, depending on the severity of the matter. It is also the responsibility of the Writer to ensure quality. The Writer must be available for revisions on a 24/7 basis because some revisions are urgent and may be requested even at night. Therefore, writers must provide valid contact information, such as phone number and email address. Willingly providing erroneous contact information violates these terms and conditions and may lead to permanent account termination.

When the contract is finished and the Customer makes the payment, Writers must exchange all rights (including copyright) and responsibility for that work to the Customer. It is an infringement of our terms and conditions if a Writer publishes a paid paper on this site or any other Internet medium. Writers found guilty of this act will be terminated from this site, and their payment may be withheld as the Customer must be refunded. However, the Customer has full discretion of using the work in whichever manner they wish to, as long as it is not illegal, including publishing on an online medium under their name for authorship. Customers who publish the work and falsely accuse the Writer of doing so will not be issued a refund.

Our Writers are not permitted to share their personal information with Customers. Therefore, Customers are also discouraged from asking for personal information from writers because they are risking their future with us. Any Writer found guilty of sharing contact information with a customer so that they can work outside our administration will be liable to permanently closure of their account. Writers sharing contact information with our customers will be considered a scammer by our administration and cannot be part of us anymore.

When a customer places an order with us, our Support Team will be available 24/7 to provide any extra support needed, such as contacting the Writer if he or she is offline when the Customer wants to talk to him or her. When the work is completed and delivered to the Customer, the Customer becomes the full owner of that work because he or she paid for it. However, it should be noted that we do not encourage contract cheating whatsoever. The services we provide are purely for educational consultation purposes. Therefore, we cannot be held liable if the Customer submits the paper bought from us as is for grading. Also, we do not encourage students to use our assistance to complete an assignment or homework. We assume that our customers are individuals in any part of the world who would wish to learn something but could not find direct information on the Internet. Therefore, they look for professional educational consultation services to fill that gap. Hence, our company cannot be held liable for students who use our assistance, either fully or partially, to complete their school homework or assignment.

Consumer Data and Privacy

We have a separate privacy policy published HERE. In that publication, we covered how and what personal information we collect from you and how we use it. We have also covered how we use cookies to enhance your user experience when navigating our site. We have also outlined how to secure your personal information through a highly secure storage system. We declare that our privacy policy, published on a different page, is part of this terms and conditions statement. We encourage all users to read the privacy policy before accepting to use this website.

Revisions Policy

We have published our revisions policy HERE. The issues covered in that publication include the circumstances under which a customer qualifies to request a free or paid revision. We encourage you to read this revisions policy thoroughly because it is declaratively part of this terms and conditions statement.

Refund Policy

We have published our refund policy on a different page, which can be found HERE. The policy outlines the circumstances under which a customer is entitled to a refund. We herein declare that our refund policy is part of these terms and conditions and must be treated so by our Writers and Customers. Thus, we encourage you to carefully review the policy before financially committing yourself to this website. In addition to what is stated in the refund policy, we hereby declare that when issuing refunds, the bank might deduct $25 to cater for transaction charges or similar.

Cancellation Policy

SystematicReviewPro.com does not reject orders based on difficulty because we have a large pool of highly competent writers in various subjects and disciplines. However, there are circumstances under which our Support Team may cancel your order and issue a refund (if you have already made a payment), where applicable:

  1. If we believe that we cannot deliver your order to satisfactory standards. This rarely occurs.
  2. If we believe we cannot complete your order within the deadline.
  3. If the Customer violates our terms and conditions.
  4. If a customer misuses our feedback system.
  5. If the Customer makes a partial payment and refuses to make an outstanding balance.
  6. If we believe that the Customer intends to use the work for illegal purposes.

Dispute Resolution

If a customer engages in a dispute with a writer, the order will be marked as disputed. Our capable Support Team will then intervene and resolve the dispute based on the best judgment possible. We are deeply founded on the principles of ethical conduct and justice. For that reason, we strive to be just as much as possible when resolving disputes so that all parties are fully satisfied.

Contact Information

If you have any issues regarding our terms and conditions, contact us at [email protected], and we will keep in touch.

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